Weekly Update #1

I’m hoping to share weekly updates here going forward. I’d like to have a space to talk about the day-to-day of life with cancer without it taking over my other social media.

So, this week I got back to treatment after a substantial break. I did not appreciate it, instead I was worrying about results and plans. Just a few days into chemo plus rib radiation and I feel awful.

Talking to one of my nurses today she mentioned that an old medication I started taking anew this week causes side effects like what I’m feeling – sleeping most of the day, nausea and vomiting – so I’m hoping that’s it and it’s not just that treatment has gotten much harder than in the past.

I think there is a lot of this chemo regimen in my future so I really want to find a way to make it not entirely derail our lives on treatment weeks. That may be the case and then I’ll adjust, but I’m not ready for that mentally.

One piece of good news – my request to change to a new doctor at MD Anderson was approved. I’m going to meet her in September and am looking forward to it!

And finally, one thing I’m thinking about this week. Older gentlemen often start up conversations with me in the oncology waiting room. A theme I’ve noticed is they often share intimate sadnesses from their lives, rarely leaving room for input from me. I guess they’re more monologues than conversations. Even in these places where I’m supposed to receive care there are men there hoping I’ll take on some emotional labor for them.

One thought on “Weekly Update #1

  1. I'm so glad to hear you've been approved to switch doctors. I hope the new one is perfectly suited to meet your needs.


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