Weekly Update #2

Let’s start with the big news – the radiation is working! We haven’t done a new scan, but I can tell the difference in my pain and it is incredible. Just before radiation started I was at my worst. I thought about every movement I made, trying to aggravate my side and arm the least. Sometimes I lay down too hard. So much energy went into tolerating the pain that even in the same room I wasn’t present in family life. It sucks to say to your 6 year old that she gets to pick one time for Mommy to get up this morning and does she want to use it on this request? Addressing this pain has been life-changing, and the radiation is supposed to keep working even after I’m done with that treatment, so I am hoping things continue to improve.

This is one of those off weeks where I feel on top of the world. A quiet Sunday morning of knitting in my favorite chair while listening to Marlowe play in the bath with a background of piano music is exquisite. I want to hug all my friends and tell them how much I appreciate them in my life. I feel like I am doing the living it was so hard to do last week. It is not always this way; some rest weeks I feel off balance, exhausted from the boomerang of sick to well and back again.


Oh, also this happened this week. I am wildly in love.

One thought on “Weekly Update #2

  1. Christina, I am so glad that you were feeling better this week and I really hope it continues! Also, I hope there were no older gentlemen monologues this week. You shouldn’t have to be subjected to that. I think about you surprisingly often for never having met you in person. Though I’m not religious I am in your corner and thinking good thoughts continually. If I had one wish from a fairy godmother, it would be on your behalf. ❤️


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