Weekly Update #12

It’s my last chemo before my next set of scans. Usually by this time I feel nutty and short-tempered and worried, but it’s not really getting to me this time. I think part of it is that I’ve been so busy that it feels like they snuck up on me. I often have an off week between chemo and my scans, so this time I’m distracted by treatment. But I also have a piece of information I don’t usually have; we’ve been tracking my blood marker at home. It’s not a direct measure of my cancer, but it is related and has been accurate for me in the past. I’ve been able to see that instead of climbing, this marker number is falling. It’s making it easier to believe that these scans will go well. For me the goal is: no new cancer and existing cancer is stable or smaller.

The nausea has been a little better this time around. I’ve been able to hydrate more and stay awake and accomplish some tasks. I don’t feel like I can really take credit for it, it seems like it just happens some weeks and not others.

I already have my next chemo scheduled for the week after and it is a bummer. It has only been 4 doses this fall but I am already ready for a break. I know I can take one whenever I want, but I would like to hold out for when I need one, not just when I am feeling grumpy about feeling bad.

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