Weekly Update #23

And right on time, the energy drop. This round of chemo is hitting me hard – I’m so tired and nauseous. I’ve been able to mostly sleep my way through it and am hopeful it will wear off in a day or two.

I was talking to someone this week about how dizzying it is to oscillate between treatment and off weeks, especially as a person who craves routine. It occurred to me that maybe I can have more than one routine, for the multiple states I can find myself in. Stretches and a walk on days that’s feasible, and napping and crosswords on days I feel rotten.

Latetly I have been very thankful for the kittens we adopted this past summer. They are sweet snugglers and it’s so nice to be able to pet a soft, warm friend when you need a distraction. I wish they were less interested in my knitting, but mostly I win that battle.

Back to mitigating side effects for me!

4 thoughts on “Weekly Update #23

  1. Day two after chemo for me. Things will start to go south tomorrow or Saturday. It is so hard after what felt like a normal week last week.

    I am trying acupuncture. Had a session Friday and today. Fingers crossed it helps with the fatigue and bone ache.



    • I really hope the acupuncture helps. It’s been successful in the past for me for pain.

      I’ve been drinking more sparkling water this week following your suggestion and it’s been helping me stay a bit more hydrated.


  2. {{hugs}}

    I found “type of day” schedules (time blocks) for when my energy is crap (or awesome) and all the other not-quite-schedule-able scenarios. It helped me feel like I have routine when everything else is out of control. I could see it being “fun” with illustrated cards to pick the type of day… (my way is boring) and always make time for kitten snuggles! ♥

    I was primary caregiver to a high needs aging parent for a while, not similar at all … however the chaos that happened to my routines (even after my role changed) is what I really struggled with and that I understand.


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