Weekly Update #36

Hello! I am feeling much better than last time I posted. It is feeling easier lately to focus on my own survivorship and not anyone else’s statistics.

I’ve gotten the dry skin variant of the rash my regimen can cause and it is tolerable but annoying. Multiple times a day I have something in my eye and it turns out to be a flake of my own skin. I haven’t found any moisturizers yet that last longer than a few hours and for part of the cycle my face is itchy. It has been worsening over my cycles so far; I’m hoping to find a stasis soon.

I heard last week that my blood markers are trending down, so my oncologist decided to do a fifth round of this chemo before my next scan. I don’t mind putting it off a couple weeks and enjoying feeling pretty good like I am now.

Sleep is the toughest symptom right now. I’m finding it really hard to get to sleep at a decent hour – part of it is me not going to bed and part is not falling asleep. This week I’m trying to make good choices in this arena and hoping I’ll feel so good I’ll want to keep it up.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Update #36

  1. Another belated hug, so glad you’re feeling better this week. If you haven’t tried any of the Moo Goo products yet, I heartily recommend them. I was recommended the Udder Cream by the Oncology nurses, which I use for my feet and brother has been using it for eczema, but found their Soothing MSM Moisturiser is perfect for my face and hands as it’s very light. I don’t have your chemo rash, but did have hand and foot syndrome and both products have helped enormously. It’s an Aussie product, but there is a US website https://moogoousa.com/ – not cheap but might be worth trying.


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