Weekly Update #47

Last week was a rotten allergy week for me – I was congested and my throat hurt and I was worn down. And I had a hard time with that. Allergies seem like not that big a deal compared to the rest of my health history, so in my mind it seems like I should be able to blow right through them. Being slowed down by mucus was frustrating and humbling. It’s amazing how hard it is to listen to your body over your brain.

My port replacement procedure is scheduled for later this week. I am looking forward to getting that finished and moving on with port number three. Makes me very glad I don’t have treatment this week so I don’t have to get it through an IV again. It’s not comfortable to hold your arm straight for 4 hours. My next treatment I am looking forward to my regular chemo nurse being able to access my port without having to call in reinforcements.

I am looking forward to an extra week off from treatment this week. I am hoping to knock out some sewing and indulge in some reading. I have stacks of fabric and books waiting for some love, and this week I should have a chance to indulge.

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