Weekly Update #67

I am feeling much better today compared to last week. I have been able to hydrate and eat some nutritious food this week and it was a big boon to my mental health.

Unfortunately, as the chemo exhaustion and nausea fade away, my pain is returning. It’s a frustrating trade-off. The rhythm for this oral chemo doesn’t seem to have a period where I feel really good – just different kinds of discomfort. And as someone who will be getting some kind of treatment for the rest of my life, it means I have weird feelings about this one. I want it to work because of course I do, but if it does that means longer on it and feeling like this.

I do have enough energy for exercise, though, and am trying to figure out what to do. Running is off the table for now because I have some sort of hip injury that I can’t shake. I’d like to do something to improve my strength and feel overwhelmed at the online options. I welcome any suggestions!

Last week I had to have an in-person visit with one of my doctors. The building has organized things so that my clinic’s floor only sees immunocompromised patients, and I was impressed with how safe I felt while there. My doctor recommended pelvic floor PT and I was in such a daze to be out of the house that I didn’t ask any follow-up questions like can those appointments be done via telemedicine (surely not?) and what is the risk of putting it off until it’s safer to leave the house. I need to follow up and ask those questions, but I’m not looking forward to the PT so I am putting it off.

That’s about all for this week. I have a full week before I have to go back onto my chemo pills but it already feels imminent. This weekend is my 12th wedding anniversary so I would love to focus my energy on that instead, but it’s definitely not where my thoughts are naturally traveling. More well wishes to everyone out there.

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