Weekly Update #69

It has been a rough week since I last posted, with the overarching theme of pain.

Last Tuesday, the day after I wrote my last post, I woke up with my knee killing me. It got worse as the day went on and when I got up on Wednesday it could barely hold my body weight and I was worried about falling. I went into my doctor’s office to take a look at a bunch of possibilities and we didn’t see anything concerning with my knee, but did confirm that my blood work showed my immune system was down and I needed to delay my next round of chemo.

Since Tuesday it seems I wake up each day with a different part of me hurting, and I am like a zombie filled with pain meds and trying to tune out the pain by watching TV. The past couple nights I have barely slept because every position I lay in makes my ribs hurt so much the pain wakes me up. I’m on the max allowed dose of pain meds, I’ve tried ice and heat and stretches and rest and nothing is helping. It is pretty miserable.

I had more blood drawn today so we can see if my immune system has improved and I can start on my chemo this week. Fingers crossed that’s the case. For whatever reason, chemo often reduces my pain.

The one highlight of my week is that my daughter put together an incredible collection of Mother’s Day surprises for me. My favorite was the PowerPoint she created for me and presented on the big day, complete with a laser pointer. It was adorable that she wanted to badly to create a special day for me.

Time for me to get back to alternately trying for a small nap and watching TV. Hope this week goes up from here!

3 thoughts on “Weekly Update #69

  1. I’m so sorry you have so much pain that can’t be resolved with meds. That is probably my great fear about having cancer.

    I am hoping by now you have gotten your results and that you can have treatment and feel better.


    • Yeah, I feel like pain is one of the scariest parts for me, too. I remembered after writing this post that steroids help sometimes and after adding those in I am feeling more relief. And I did get my results and get started on my chemo, which I expect to help as well. I also have been doing some yoga focused on releasing my tight areas. All that to say, my team also takes unresolved pain seriously and we keep adding strategies to my toolbox so that there are plenty of options and it doesn’t have to remain serious for long. Sometimes the hardest part is just to remember what the options are.


      • Thinking of you this morning. Hope you are feeling better going into the holiday weekend.


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