Weekly Update #83

Last week I posted that I was so excited to still have the energy at the start of week 2 of my chemo round as I did at the start of week 1. It didn’t last the whole week – at the end of the week and the weekend I was really tired. Some of it felt like overwhelm from feedback to my article, and some I think was my continued battle with appetite and how exhausted I feel when I don’t eat much. I was happy to have the energy return on Monday of this week, though. I’m making a concerted effort with my eating and I just felt better about the feedback. At this busy back to school season I still have a ton to catch up on just from 2-3 days of not beinvvg up on my email constantly.

I have my next scan scheduled for next week. It feels so soon and also like it’s been forever since I had one. Checking back on the calendar my last scan was a PET at the end of July, so 3 months ago meaning it really is time. I am really hoping this current chemo is keeping me stable – it’s so easy to take with very few side effects. Plus after this it’s time to start searching for clinical trials, which I would love to put off for as long as possible. Well, my doctor is already keeping an eye out for trials, but I don’t want it to become the only remaining choice, which is does after this chemo, Stivarga, stops working.

My daughter started 3rd grad this week and I am so proud of her. She is already accessing all her classes independently, she just needs a big of help at the end of the Zoom part of her day, what she should work on for the 90 minutes of work by herself before she sees her teacher again.

My joy for the week is that we made it to at-home school and it’s going well.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Update #83

  1. I read your article and found it very special. I especially liked the picture of your family at the end of the article. My mother died from colon cancer 20 years ago before colonoscopies were covered by insurance. I took care of her along with my father until she died. So I have a taste of what the waiting is like – one step away. Before she was diagnosed she bought 3 Bernina 1004 machines-one for herself and one for me and my sister. I sewed on hers while waiting and every time I visited my father after her death. Now I I’m beginning to sew again on my machine – but hadn’t for about 10 years. And I wanted you to know you have inspired me to begin again! You have so much courage in this time of waiting and now of uncertainty not only for you and your family but the whole world. I believe you must take a day at a time and fill it with what you want to do and you must have joy at the end of the day (with some sadness). I wish for you limited side effects from your chemo, energy, and some happiness. In your family photo you look well and I’m glad for that! And your family is smiling even if it is only for the photo – I apologize this message is so long but I wanted to connect. With wishes in my heart for you, fondly, peggy


    • Thank you, Peggy! I’m honored to hear that my article inspired you to sew again. I do agree with you that in this unknown team we just have to fill our days with what we want to do, because worrying won’t change the outcome so we might as well seek joy!

      I have never looked like a sick person at any point in the last 5 years. That has been a lesson for me, too, that we truly never know what is going on in people’s lives and we should assume best intent.


  2. Hello, I also read your article on Seamwork. It’s beautifully written and I am grateful for your sharing your story. It really stroke a chord with me. It’s so beautiful you’re making items for your family. I think your daughter will really cherish what you will leave behind. When my grandma, an avid crocheter, passed I was only 11 and I couldn’t crochet, yet I wanted to have some of her precious tools. I hope you can spend much longer with your family and enjoy time with them. Warm wishes, Silvia


    • Thank you! I also hope that I have much longer with my family and don’t have to execute these plans for a very long time (I have a lot of fabric I want to sew!). I hope you did get to keep some of your grandma’s tools. I don’t know what my daughter will want, but she gets first pick!

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