Weekly Update #95

I didn’t mean to let 3 weeks pass by with no update but I did and now, yet again, things have changed quite a bit.

I’m currently in the hospital in Austin and will be for at least the next week. I was supposed to be going to Houston this week to get my second dose of my trial drug, but instead I need emergent surgery. The single vertebra (T5) of mine that has had cancer in it for a while has progressed and as a result is now compressing my spinal cord and causing some pretty scary symptoms like I can barely control my legs to walk and I have totally lost control of my bladder function. Spinal surgery sounds pretty scary and like something I would normally take longer to consider, but if I wait I am definitely getting worse and if I do it I have a shot at getting better. My pain is becoming less and less well-managed each day, I need oxygen because I don’t get enough on room air, and I need help with things like putting on my socks.

This also puts everything else up in the air. When can I get my next dose of my trial drug? This surgery only helps with the compression symptoms, but not with the growing cancer in my spine and this surgeon thinks that radiation will probably be the answer there, sometime between 2-6 weeks post surgery. I have no idea what recovery will be like, what my new QOL will be. I have been in an intense amount of pain lately so decreasing that would be incredible. All of this, we just have to do the surgery and see how recovery looks to get an idea. Oh, and while the pain is likely to improve right away, the bladder and gait issues will probably take longer and are tough to predict.

I am going to be coming home to many new medical devices. I had already bought myself a shower chair last week, as well as a recliner with a feature called lift assist, that helps me get out of the chair more easily. I think there will also be a hospital bed and maybe a new walker and maybe a bedside commode. Even my house is going to make me feel like a sick person.

My joy for this upcoming week is that I am in Austin and I am allowed a single visitor each day. They can come and go, it just cannot be multiple people in a single day. So my dad hangs out with me a lot and Wes can be here on the day of surgery. Thanks for following along, y’all.

16 thoughts on “Weekly Update #95

  1. Christina,
    I’m hoping the surgery brings you some much needed pain relief. Pain has a way of really draining your spirit and the longer the pain, the more of a drain it becomes. Praying your pain decreases ASAP and the surgery is very successful.
    Thinking of you 😘,


  2. I’m so sorry you need surgery, Christina ❤️ Sending you all the good thoughts for a smooth recovery and a reduction in pain.


  3. I’m sorry you need the surgery, and that you’re going into it with so many unknowns about the potential outcomes of the operation. I hope you experience a lot less pain afterwards, the improvements you’re hoping for in quality of life, and that everything new in your house feels helpful. I can see how much you’re dreading it making you feel like a sick person, and how hard having that at home must be x


  4. Oh sweet girl, you are going through so much. I’m thinking of you. I am glad your people can be with you during this time.


  5. Love you so much and thinking of you. I’m glad your Dad is there. I hope surgery goes well and brings you some comfort.


  6. I’ve been following your journey for some time now, but I don’t think I’ve ever commented, (because random stranger and nothing helpful to say). I originally was following you on Ravelry, ever since I caught a post where you explained your Rav name was a nod to a Rushmore quote, and I was smitten ever after. 😉

    You’re going through so much, for so long, and I cannot understand or offer anything tangible, but I felt the need to let you know that there are countless people out here in the ethers of the internet thinking of you, rooting for you, and just sending love your way every day.


  7. We met briefly at Rhinebeck 2019 at the Sunday Rav meetup. You were so nice and welcoming!

    I’m sorry you’re facing such serious health challenges. I hope the surgery relieves your symptoms and the radiation kicks the cancer to the curb.

    Sending you all the very best thoughts.


  8. To Wes, Marlowe, and all who loved Christina,

    I am so, so, so very sorry for your loss. As just one of the anonymous Ravely army (fitted out with the tools of peace, calm, and soothing), Christina made a difference in my life, and she will live forever in the shared community that Ravelry is, in the relationships long existing and those yet to begin, and in every loop created with string and tools that originates from those patterns, projects, and other web pages that she helped to make possible.

    It is my hope that the love we all put into every one of those loops is able to wrap around you in the very painful moments to come, that we can virtually knit together some structure that will help carry your pain.

    With much empathy and love,
    just one knitter

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  9. Marlowe & Wes, I am so sorry for your loss. My time with Christina was short but she had a lasting impact on me. She loves her family more than anything and was such a fighter.
    May God bless her family and all that loved Christina.

    Adri Baker


  10. Christina’s blog caught my attention because my brother is currently suffering with stage 3 colon cancer. Reading her blog has given me insight into what it means to live with this cancer. Her love of life, family and friends shines through the pain . What a courageous young woman.


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